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PET-CT - Preparations

Patient Preparation

Fasting over-night before examination.

  1. Female patient should not be pregnant
  2. No dextrose drip 6 hours before scan.
  3. Bring along relevant X-ray, CT or MRI films.
  4. Patient should keep well hydrated with plain water.
  5. No vigorous exercise the day before examination.
  6. Patients with diabetes should inform our staff before the examination. Out-Patient should stop their diabetes medications in the morning of examination and bring their medications while in-patients should have the blood glucose level controlled within normal range. The optimal blood glucose level for this examination should be 8 mmol/l or below.
  7. Please stop taking chinese medicine (e.g. Lingzhi, Yunzhi) for at least 3 days before the exam.

Preparation for PET-CT case with CT contrast medium

If you have history of allergy, asthma or urticaria, you may be required to take oral steroid on the night preceding and 2 hours prior to the examination.

The patients who require contrast study must have the creatinine level checked within one month before the examination if they have DM or diseases affecting renal or liver function. For any inquiry please contact our staff.