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CT -Preparation for different parts of the body

For abdominal study:

  • You are required to drink a lot of water before and during the examination that allows the radiologist to see the stomach and small bowel better.

For pelvic study:

  • Administration of water enema is required. You will experience a sense of abdominal fullness and may feel an increasing need to empty you bowel. You are required to hold the enema till the end of the examination.

For coronary angiogram:

  • No coffee, tea, cola, coca or chocolate for at least 12 hours before examination.
  • Please bring along with your current medication information.
  • Blood pressure and heart rate will be measured before, during and after the examination. Oral beta-blocker drug may be given before the examination in order to lower down the heart rate to the desired level.
  • Allow 1 - 2 hours for examination.

For virtual colonoscopy:

  • You are required to have a light & low-fibre lunch on the day before the examination (For example: fish, meat, poultry, eggs and milk products). After that, no more food but small amount of liquid is allowed. You may get two packets of KleanPrep on the day before the examination. Dissolve the 2 packets in 2 liters of drinking water. You are required to drink the first liter in the evening and to be consumed within one hour. The second liter also to be consumed within one hour following the next hour. Diarrhoea will be induced after taking the KleanPrep solution.
  • During the examination, the colon will be insufflated so that the radiologist can see the interior surface of the colon better.